Copernicus, a processing engine designed to be an electronic gateway between the referring hospital and an OPO, is designed to provide real-time referrals as well as provide the framework to obtain critical donor assessment and suitability data. Explore our options and you will see that we offer a wide variety of connectivity solutions all designed to allow OPOs to focus on saving more lives.


HOSPITAL REFERRALS USING SMART® On FHIR® – Real-time automated referrals directly from any hospital using the Epic® EHR. The fastest implementation approach to automated hospital referrals.

AUTOMATED REFERRALS USING HL7 STANDARD – Using standard HL7 messaging, real-time referrals can be triggered from any hospital EHR supporting HL7 interoperability. Standard technical specifications provide the methodology for automating referrals.

HOSPITAL REFERRALS USING STANDARD WEB FORM – Initial referral web form entered by the hospital to send a electronic referral to the OPO. EHR agnostic, and easy to implement with just a simple secure connection.


EHR DONOR CHART APPLICATION USING SMART® On FHIR® – Access over 400+ data points in real-time from the Epic® hospital EHR patient/donor chart. With standard SMART® On FHIR®, donor suitability can be quickly determined with all necessary Epic® hospital EHR patient chart details.

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