Copernicus SMART® On FHIR® – Automated Referrals


This solution facilitates the submission of automated donor referrals by allowing the hospital medical professional to submit donor demographic, high risk questions, and other information directly to the OPO. Copernicus – interfaces with Epic and available on Epic’s App Market facilitates the donor referral process while also reducing costs and improving overall care.


Sample Referral form

Copernicus aims to reduce the amount of time and resources needed to make referrals and provide the OPO the information needed to determine donation potential. Patients with donation potential are able to be referred with a push of a button from a donation-specific form. This form will detail the procurement organization associated with the hospital, details about the current patient and some general donation potential questions. Once referred, this form will display responses back from the OPO with regards to donation potential, in real-time.

Speed: Reduce processing time to under a few minutes.

Data Population and Validity: All referral data is prepopulated from the patient record – no entry required for basic information.

Accuracy: Dramatically reduce the potential for human error.

Efficiency: The solution frees up critical hospital staff to focus on patient care and other pressing tasks.

Added Value: Allows for entry of high-risk data and comments commonly asked.


  • Integration available to any hospital utilizing the Epic EHR

  • Seamlessly link referral to patient chart data via Copernicus Donor Chart

  • Epic is one of the largest EHR companies in the United States, an undisputed market leader

  • Now available to any Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) and no charge to hospitals

  • Helps to address the industry’s mission-critical interoperability challenge

  • Implementation at the hospital takes about an hour

  • Fully certified for safety, security, and accuracy

  • Learn more about Copernicus at Epic App Market

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