Nottingham, MD | March 8, 2021  LifeLogics, a specialty data management solutions provider to the organ and tissue recovery and processing community, today announced that its Copernicus SMART on FHIR application – which provides real-time clinical/medical data integration with the Epic EHR as well as automation of electronic referrals – is now listed on Epic App Orchard.

“Epic is one the largest companies in the electronic health record (EHR) marketplace, and this application helps us deliver next-level solutions to our industry, such as real-time access to vital signs, problem list, or other suitability criteria in the patient clinical record,” said Peter Bilsky, Executive Director at LifeLogics. “This integration is a meaningful achievement for LifeLogics and we’re proud to make the announcement, but ultimately it contributes to our core mission: to support the organ donation community and help save lives.”

Copernicus, the secure, web-based interface from LifeLogics that allows organizations to automate referrals and/or access to real-time clinical donor information electronically, is now available to any Organ Procurement Organization (OPO). “Automating this critical aspect of the donor assessment process has far-reaching implications,” says Stacey Smith, Director of Product Solutions at LifeLogics. She continues, “when all of the benefits are taken into consideration – efficiency gains, real-time documentation, accuracy improvements, and cost-benefit cases – the solution is compelling. In addition, we provide this to hospitals for free.”

“The implications of this technology are far-reaching and will drastically speed up the referral and screening process,” says Jeff Sterrette, CTO at LifeLogics. “The benefits are considerable – for our company, our partners, and the broader donor community.”

“Integrating with Epic was a strategic initiative for us last year and core to our mission to deliver interoperability solutions to the organ donor community,” says LifeLogics Executive Director Peter Bilsky, “we’re excited about the new features and functionality that Copernicus can now provide as a result of this effort.”

Copernicus is now listed on the App Orchard gallery where Epic users can learn more about the app and request additional information.

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LifeLogics, Inc. is a specialty data management solutions provider to the organ and tissue recovery and processing community. Founded in 2006, the company was launched with the support of a consortium of organ procurement organizations (OPOs). Today, LifeLogics has more than one-third of the organ processing community in the United States as customers via its flagship product, TrueNorth™ – the industry’s premier organ and tissue donor information solution. The company also provides the marketplace with Copernicus, an integration engine, and Atlas, for tissue processing. As well, LifeLogics provides hosting solutions for Donate Life America and a number of state registries. LifeLogics is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to increasing the number of donated organs, eyes and tissue available to save and heal lives. To learn more please visit





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