Our Mission and Core Values

Our Mission

To create intuitive, innovative and comprehensive technology solutions for the donation and transplantation community that increase their efficiency and enable them to save more lives.

  • Focus on innovative technology solutions
  • Focus on integration to provide comprehensive solutions
  • Focus on best practices to help our clients increase efficiency and save more lives

Our Vision

To be the leader in healthcare technology that transforms the organ and tissue recovery and processing communities.

Since 2006, LifeLogics has built and deployed numerous customized applications supporting a modular approach to integrate all OPO operations, resulting in increased productivity, efficiency, and return on investment.

Our Values

At LifeLogics, We Believe…

In building exceptional products and providing superior service.
In holding ourselves to the highest standards and striving for continuous improvement.
That innovation is the discovery of what is possible and making it a reality.
In creating solutions through open, honest and collaborative discourse.
In working hard while having fun, because we are passionate about making a difference.

At LifeLogics, we believe products should work for you.

Since 2006, we have been developing applications to fit the needs of your business.


LifeLogics has provided us with an extremely customizable solution that allows us to modify and adapt the application as our business processes and needs change. The LifeLogics team helps to foster the sharing of ideas between partner organizations so that all members may benefit.”

Christopher C. Curran, CTBS, CTOP - Manager,
Organ Operations & Surgical Recovery