Nottingham, MD May 26, 2020. LifeLogics, Inc. and NuVista Solutions Group, LLC have partnered to produce seamless integration between NuVista’s Renée cloud platform and the TrueNorth electronic donor records management system. Through this integration, eye banks can offer their surgeons and their staff a simple, user friendly solution to manage the entire cornea placement process.

TrueNorth users can now transparently and smoothly upload cornea inventory onto Renée. This electronic transfer delivers all related cornea characteristics, images and donor records which can be shared directly with the surgeon. After the surgical coordinator submits a cornea request on Renée, Renée will search and match the available inventory to identify the best option(s) for the patient. The eye bank coordinator submits the electronic offer to the surgeon who can receive, review and accept the offer from a mobile device. Once the offer is confirmed, TrueNorth is updated automatically.

This integrated solution from LifeLogics and NuVista will save time, reduce manual processes and further optimize the gift of cornea donation. All configurable, intelligent workflow in TrueNorth is in use and available to any TrueNorth client.

The project planning began in 2019 when Gerry Seery, CEO of NuVista Solutions Group and Peter Bilsky Executive Director of LifeLogics, Inc. collaborated on the scope and timeline of the project. We are grateful to the team at Mid-America Transplant Services eye bank for their support in evaluating and utilizing this 21st century solution.

The “non-proprietary” nature of the Copernicus engine integration as well as Renée and TrueNorth automation allows for real-time eye banking inventory, selection, acceptance and notification.

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Christopher C. Curran, CTBS, CTOP - Manager,
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