Copernicus Web Form Referral Solution


Copernicus provides a secure web-based interface for facilities to provide patient referral data to an Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) for donation consideration. Through this interface, any hospital can submit a referral quickly, and efficiently. With advancement in technology, the need for automation and integration of potential donors and access to hospital EMR data is at the forefront. Replacing manually intensive referral calls to the regional OPO, we now have the opportunity to provide secure integration with the hospital EMR system to provide the initial referral to the OPO by simply completing a standard web form. This document is designed to help the hospital teams understand the specifics around security, PHI and privacy.


Once the web form for a new referral is submitted, the OPO will receive the information in near real-time. The automated referral solution delivers value in three primary areas: speed, accuracy, and efficiency. It deploys new but reliable technology to streamline operations for a historically cumbersome, often stressful, and error-prone part of the organ donation supply chain. Indeed, while some professionals would characterize it as ‘digital transformation’, Copernicus web-form referrals offers hospitals a quick and easy method to solve a known problem and help to save more lives.

Speed: Reduce processing time from 20-30 minutes to just a few minutes. The hospital can provide access (1) directly in their EMR via a clickable button, or (2) by opening the web browser application and accessing the web site.

Accuracy: System requirements dramatically reduce the potential for human error.

Efficiency: Frees up hospital staff to focus on patient care or other pressing tasks.


  • The referring hospital employee manually completes a web-based form.

  • The form is submitted by the hospital employee and data electronically transferred to TrueNorth. After the referral is received, a case number is assigned, and next steps provided to the healthcare professional.

  • Saves time since the hospital employee will not have to make a telephone call referral.

  • LifeLogics works with all the security protocols at the hospital, ensuring patient data safety.

  • Technical implementation can take just a few hours to set up.

  • The total implementation timeline depends a lot on the hospital – how long it takes to train staff on making referrals using the web form.

  • Typical implementations are under 10 weeks dependent on hospital staff participation and availability.

  • This is a solution which has been in production since November 2019.

  • Requires hospital liaisons to interface with hospital / project manager at the OPO.

  • The web form is hospital EMR agnostic; any hospital running any EMR system can utilize the form, provided medical staff have access to a web browser.

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