SMART on FHIR application drives performance gains via improved accuracy and efficiency

Nottingham, MD | June 29, 2021. LifeLogics, a specialty data management solutions provider to the organ and tissue recovery and processing community, today announced that its Copernicus Donor Chart SMART on FHIR application – which provides real-time clinical/medical data integration with Epic® – has been successfully implemented for Gift of Life Donor Program, one of the largest organ procurement organizations (“OPO”) in the U.S. With the click of a button, Gift of Life is now able to access important information on potential donors including labs, meds, chart notes, vitals, various diagnostics, problem list, demographic details, and other data critical to fulfilling its life-saving mission on behalf of more than 107,000 children and adults on the national transplant waitlist.

Copernicus is the secure integration engine from LifeLogics that allows organizations to automate referrals and/or access in real-time clinical donor information electronically. Copernicus is available to any hospital utilizing the Epic EHR, and free of charge. Further, Copernicus is available to any Organ Procurement Organization (OPO). “Automating this critical aspect of the donor suitability and assessment process has a significant impact on the industry,” says Peter Bilsky, Executive Director at LifeLogics. “The benefits include efficiency gains, an accelerated screening process, real-time patient data access, and accuracy improvements; at the end of the day, though, it’s all above saving lives.”

Gift of Life Donor Program has led the nation in organ donation for the past 13 consecutive years, saving and enhancing more than two million lives since its founding. “Successful transplants depend on speed, accuracy, and efficiency,” says Gift of Life Donor Program President & CEO Howard M. Nathan. “In an environment where literally every second counts, we embrace every best practice and technical innovation to save more lives and create a meaningful legacy for our heroic donors and their selfless families.”


About Gift of Life Donor Program
Gift of Life Donor Program is the non-profit, federally designated organ procurement organization, working with 128 acute care hospitals and 15 transplant centers to serve 11.3 million people in the eastern half of Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and Delaware. Thanks to its compassionate community, for the past 13 years, Gift of Life has coordinated the most organ donors in the United States. Its annual donation rate, most recently 55 organ donors-per-million-population, ranks among the highest in the world. Since 1974, Gift of Life has coordinated more than 53,500 life-saving organs for transplant, and more than 2 million tissue transplants have resulted from the generosity of donors and their families. One organ donor can save the lives of up to eight people, and a tissue donor can improve the lives of more than 100 others.

About LifeLogics
LifeLogics, Inc. is a specialty data management solutions provider to the organ and tissue recovery and processing community. Founded in 2006, the company was launched with the support of a consortium of organ procurement organizations (OPOs). Today, LifeLogics has more than one-third of the organ processing community in the United States as customers via its flagship product, TrueNorth™ – the industry’s premier organ and tissue donor information solution. The company also provides the marketplace with Copernicus, an integration engine, and Atlas, for tissue processing. LifeLogics also provides hosting solutions for Donate Life America and a number of state registries. LifeLogics is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to increasing the number of donated organs, eyes and tissue available to save and heal lives. To learn more please visit

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Christopher C. Curran, CTBS, CTOP - Manager,
Organ Operations & Surgical Recovery