Copernicus SMART® On FHIR® – Donor Chart Data Solution


Interfacing directly with Epic and available on Epic’s App Market, this solution facilitates real-time retrieval of key potential donor data directly from a hospital’s EHR. Copernicus can pull 400+ data points from the patient medical record, without the OPO user having to login directly. This solution streamlines the donor assessment process while also reducing costs and improving overall care and is not intended to duplicate the entire patient medical record, but provide key data utilized during the assessment and suitability process at an OPO.


Using SMART® and FHIR® technologies, Copernicus integrates directly into the hospital’s Epic EHR to automatically extract available patient/donor information normally requested by OPO personnel such as problem list, medications, lab results, case notes, images, and other key chart data in real-time.

Efficiency Gains: Complete donor assessment and suitability without the need to login to the hospital Epic EHR, speeding up the entire process.

Data Accessibility: Over 400 data points available directly from the patient/donor hospital record (not intended to duplicate entire patient chart).

Accuracy: Dramatically reduce the potential for human error.

Search & Refresh: Quick search capability matching on any data element or field and refresh.

Comprehensive:  Direct access to key assessment data allows team members to quickly determine rule-outs, rule-ins, and next steps.


  • Integration available to any hospital utilizing the Epic EHR

  • Epic is one of the largest EHR companies in the United States, an undisputed market leader

  • Now available to any Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) and no charge to hospitals

  • Helps to address the industry’s mission-critical interoperability challenge

  • Implementation at the hospital takes about an hour

  • Epic user credentials not required or necessary

  • Fully certified for safety, security, and accuracy

  • Learn more about Copernicus at Epic App Market

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