Nottingham, MD | May 26, 2020 LifeLogics, Inc. and VertiQ Software have partnered to produce seamless integration between VertiQ’s CME case management software product and the TrueNorth electronic donor records management system. Through this integration, once manually entered tissue donor referrals now are automatically triggered from VertiQ’s CME and sent to TrueNorth. With automated ME/Coroner referrals, the speed of delivery and accuracy of the data is paramount.

LifeSource, a Minneapolis based Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) is the first to implement this solution to support tissue donation and recovery in Ramsey County, Minnesota. Designed and architected by Jeffrey Sterrette, CTO and Stacey Smith, Lead Business Analyst of LifeLogics, Inc., the LifeSource technology team, and VertiQ Software will save time in delivering tissue referral data to the OPO.

When a referral is received electronically in TrueNorth, the AI-based workflow which has been in TrueNorth since 2006, will automatically determine suitability of donor tissue based on data flowing from the CME software. Once a referral is received, the TrueNorth system will, in turn, respond with a confirmation status message including a referral number, a time stamp and the status of the donor. The status message “closes the loop” so that VertiQ CME is updated appropriately.

The new technology is now available to any VertiQ CME client on any TrueNorth implementation across OPO service regions.

The project began in 2019 when Anthony Kessel, CEO of VertiQ Software and Peter Bilsky Executive Director of LifeLogics, Inc. collaborated on the ability to provide direct, automated referrals from the VertiQ software platform. The “non-proprietary” nature of the Copernicus engine integration as well as VertiQ CME automation allows for replication in any agency currently running the industry leading VertiQ CME ME/Coroner software system.

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For over 30 years, VertiQ has been the leading provider of software and services for Coroners and Medical Examiners, (CME). CME, the core product name, provides Medical Examiners and Coroners with case management, death investigation workflow, task management, digital imaging, chain-of-custody through bar-coding, multiple death investigation, statistics and report development. To learn more please visit

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