Copernicus Integrated Automated Referral Solution with HL7


With advancement in technology, the need for automation and integration of potential donors and access to hospital EMR data is at the forefront. Replacing manually intensive referral calls to the regional OPO, we have the opportunity to provide secure integration with the hospital EMR system via industry standard HL7 messaging to provide the initial referral to the OPO, in real-time. This document is designed to help the hospital teams understand the specifics around security, PHI, and privacy.


The automated referral solution, based on industry standard HL7 messaging interoperability, delivers value in three primary areas: speed, accuracy, and efficiency. It deploys new but reliable technology to streamline operations for a historically cumbersome, potentially stressful, and error-prone part of the organ donation supply chain. Indeed, while some professionals would characterize it as ‘digital transformation’, it’s laser-focused on helping hospitals solve a known issue and help to save more lives.

Speed: Donor referrals are received in real-time based on patient chart data which triggers a referral.

Accuracy: Dramatically reduce the potential for human error.

Efficiency: Frees up hospital staff to focus on patient care or other pressing tasks.


  • The referral is typically built off triggers established in the hospital EMR; these triggers provided by the regional OPO, automates the decision to provide a referral.

  • Requires the attention and resources of the hospital IT department and/or EMR vendor to establish data triggers and rules in the hospital EMR to send a referral, and a secure data connection.

  • The referral could be completely automated or based on a manual “push the referral button” (depending on hospital preference).

  • LifeLogics works with each hospital, and the project manager at the OPO through the entire implementation.

  • Standard HL7 specifications are available and have been implemented at a wide range of hospitals.

  • Secure data transmission over dedicated connection utilizing best practice security protocols.

  • Our HL7 interface is EMR agnostic and can work with any hospital platform supporting HL7.

  • Implementation can be under 10 weeks depending on hospital and OPO resource availability.

  • It is suggested that hospital liaisons interface with both the hospital and project manager at the OPO.

  • Return messages and case number sent after referral data transferred that identify next steps.

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