TrueNorth does an excellent job meeting our needs not only for organ, tissue, and import donor records, but also for associated systems like quality reviews and hospital medical record reviews. We manage over 25,000 referrals a year; TrueNorth is instrumental in efficiently and effectively moving each of these referrals to the appropriate outcome. One of my favorite features of TrueNorth is the ability to customize the standard forms to meet our needs. Our processes drive the software, not the other way around.

Melinda J. Locklear, MS - Vice-President, Quality Systems

LifeLogics has provided us with an extremely customizable solution that allows us to modify and adapt the application as our business processes and needs change. The LifeLogics team helps to foster the sharing of ideas between partner organizations so that all members may benefit.

Christopher C. Curran, CTBS, CTOP - Manager, Organ Operations & Surgical Recovery

LifeSource is proud to partner with LifeLogics, Inc. and its OPO partners in the development, implementation, and utilization of TrueNorth donor and process management software. Through collective investments of time and talent, the partnership has developed great data solutions for the organ and tissue procurement community.

Peter Farstad - Chief Administrative Officer

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